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NFL WEEK 14 @leonprobst007

Well the season long story continued in week 13… Evans touchdown away from 1 bet and 12 recieving Williams yards away from another.. Should be used to it by now this season but still stings every week becoming a joke now… Anyway enough of my moaning onto this week and hopefully a winner.. BET 1 anytime scorer Edwards-Helaire (CHIEFS) Patterson (FALCONS) Williams (BRONCOS) Ekeler (CHARGERS) Chase (BENGALS) seems to be around 26/1 in most places.. Taken at betfair and used acca edge @ 21/1 BET 2 player lines Amari Cooper over 56.5 recieving yards (COWBOYS) Devonta Freeman over 14.5 recieving yards (RAVENS) Taysom Hill over 53.5 rushing yards (SAINTS) James Robinson over 50.5 rushing yards (JAGUARS) David Johnson over 20.5 rushing yards (TEXANS) lines were best @ skybet priced at 20/1 (what am I doing liking a texans line and a jag again) 🙏🙏 Bet 3.. Quarterback special.. All to have 1 passing touchdown each half Joe Burrow (BENGALS) Patrick Mahomes (CHIEFS) Dak Prescott (COWBOYS) Aaron Rodgers (PACKERS) used acca edge @ betfair 23/1 Good luck...

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NFL WEEK 13 @leonprobst007

Less said about last week the better.. Quick ones from me this week.. BET 1.. Anytime scorer James Conner (CARDINALS) Mike Evans (BUCS) Antonio Gibson (WFT) Devonta Freeman (RAVENS) Elijah Mitchell (49ERS) Best priced 43/1 @ betfair.. Taken 38/1 using acca edge again BET 2… Player Lines Devonta Freeman over 48.5 rushing yards (RAVENS) Mike Evans over 59.5 recieving yards (BUCS) Jamaal Williams over 21.5 recieving yards (LIONS) Saquon Barkley over 53.5 rushing yards (GIANTS) Antonio Gibson over 20.5 recieving yards (WFT) Taken @ skybet at 20/1….same price at betfair 2 lines a yard higher 1 is a yard lower but is option there for acca edge safety and pays 16/1 BET 3… Player to score 2 or more Chris Godwin (BUCS) Elijah Mitchell (49ERS) Alexander Mattison (VIKINGS) Price difference crazy again.. Best priced 245/1 @ betfair… Played as small trixie.. Next best skybet 129/1 and 86/1 at bet365 Good...

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NFL WEEK 12 @leonprobst007

Well 2 on the bounce killer weeks and so close to a monster.. Carter falling 2 yards short from a score in the 1st half then going off injured costing us the big 3 figure odds win 🤮 Pray the luck turns 🙏 One thing I have enjoyed checking this season is the price differences between bookies its been crazy and bet 1 shows that again this week.. BET 1 Player to score 2 or more HARRIS (patriots) MCCAFFREY (panthers) ROBINSON (jags) Trixie played @ skybet 346/1… Betfair is 219/1 and Bet365 is 119/1 👀👀 BET 2 Both players to score a touchdown MIXON and HARRIS (bengals v steelers) TAYLOR and GRONKOWSKI (colts v bucs) GIBSON and METCALF (wft v seahawks) Trixie played @ skybet 85/1 odds slightly better at bet365 BET 3 Player lines DEEBO SAMUEL over 69.5 recieving yards (49ers) JAVONTE WILLIAMS over 47.5 rushing yards (broncos) DAVID JOHNSON over 24.5 rushing yards (texans) NAJEE HARRIS over 27.5 recieving yards (steelers) DEVONTA FREEMAN over 13.5 recieving yards (ravens) Taken 16/1 using acca edge @ betfair.. Deebo line better elsewhere but Williams Harris Johnson lines better there Good...

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