Coming off a disapointing week last week where Roy could have definitely won that fight and almost got the stoppage in the 3rd, but on to this week and I have a very confident bet at a nice price.

Tecia Torres to beat Jessica Andrade 3.6 4U

This betting line is wrong TT finds ways to win her only loss is to the current champion. JA is like a little bull in the cage but technique beats power and that’s what I think we have here, TT is the faster fighter who knows how much you need to do in a round to win it on the scorecards 9 of her 10 wins by decision. I see this fight staying on the feet in the most part with JA pressuring forward and TT moving in and out left and right making angles throwing combos then getting out of the way when JA comes forward she leaves herself open to counters TT is a good judge of range and throws an amazing amount of volume. TT has underated wrestling and with JA pushing forward the whole fight might leave herself open for a opportunistic TD on the ground I think both these BBJ blue belts will cancel each other out so whoever is on top getting some G&P shots off will move towards winning that round. If JA is going to win she is going to need to slow down and get TT against the fence I would make Torres a slight Faviourte as it could be a very close fight but one that I think Torres with her experience of winning decisions will win.

Ilir Latifi to beat OSP 2.2 1 U

I want to bet Latifi here for a couple of reasons I think that Latifi is an underrated fighter which usually leads to a inflated line, plus I want to fade OSP he’s not great he was losing the fight until he knocked out Anderson with a head kick. OSP has two things in his wheelhouse the Von flu choke which I don’t think will work as Latifi has no neck and won’t be trying for a Guillotine and his kicks and we have seen IL get finished by a body kick. I think that IL will close the distance and take OSP down, OSP might be able to fight his way back up then take him down again mabye be able to fight his way back up then take him down again. OSP has a very questionable gas tank even in a striking match which this won’t be. I think this will be a wrestefucking of the highest order and maybe even a finish once OSP gas tank hits empty. This comes down to IL ability to game plan and stick to it, we saw LTO that IL can come up with and fight to a good game plan for the whole fight and stays disciplined.

Good luck