Hi guys as I said earlier on twitter I’m not going to have a bet on the horses until the York festival next week, I will be taking an Ante-post look at a few of the races trying to find some early value and today I’m taking a look at the biggest race of the week (at least for me).

There are currently 24 in the feild but it won’t be anywhere near that on the day I want to take on Saxon Warrior and Roaring Lion as I’m not sure they stay but might both turn up, happy to take on both the Stoute runners if they turn up as I think Poets word wants good to firm and Crystal ocean wants further, Eminent is gone at the game, would be surprised if any of the horses that ran against Alpha yesterday turn up. Benbatal is better in Meydan rubbish over here. Depending on the ground could see Crasksman turn up at 8/1, enable won’t turn up. Can’t fancy Thunder Snow in England on softish ground. Without Parole 25/1 would be interesting getting weight but again think he will needs better ground.

The O’Brien’s have 9 in at the moment, I think Saxon will show up with Ryan on board Latrobe probs won’t the others is guess work but I recon two/three more will show up and at least one will front run the yard form is a worry.

After all my ramblings at the moment I’d keep an eye on the forecast and bet Crasksman 8/1 on Thursday if there is rain forecast if there is alot of sun forecast I would have a bet on Without Parole 25/1. Whichever one you come down I would suggest betting on Thursday with Ante-post rules as I think this will cut up alot. As always you could do your dough straight away if the trainer doesn’t fancy it.

Hope this makes sense and best of luck whatever you punt for.