Author: Gary Saxby

Aintree Day 2 by @gazsax

14:20 – Captain Conby 10/1 0.5pt WIN / Fennor `Cross 11/1 0.5pt WIN14:55 Found A Fifty 7/2 2pts WIN16:05 Fantastikas 25/1 1pt EW (6 places 1/5)16:40 Absolute Notions 4/1 2pts WIN17:15 Nibiru 8/1 1pt WIN POINTS OUTLAY 8ptsOver Points After Day One...

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Aintree Day 1 by @gazsax

Thanks for all the message after Cheltenham, finishing +38.95pts has me buzzing and ready to attack this three day festival. Not the greatest day tomorrow though, Friday and Saturday cards look a lot better. Just the FOUR picks for Thursday, hopefully get the ball rolling. 14:20 NUSRET 13/2 1pt EW (3 Places 1/5odds)16:05 WAGNER 66/1 0.5pts EW (6 Places 1/5odds)16:40 THE LAST DAY 11/1 1pt EW (5 Places 1/5odds)17:15 GAILLIMH A RUN 17/2 1pt EW (5 Places 1/5odds) Total points outlay =...

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Cheltenham Day 4 by @gazsax

13:30 Blood Destiny 9/4 2pts WIN14:10 Pied Piper 16/1 1pt EW (8places)Faivoir 66/1 0.5pts EW (6places)14:50 Hiddenvalley Lake 9/1 1pt WIN 15:30 Galopin Des Champs 7/4 2pts WIN16:10 Le Malin 25/1 1pt EW (4places)16:50 Impervious 9/4 2pts WIN17:30 Molly Ollys Wishes 40/1 0.5pts EW (6places)West To The Bridge 33/1 0.5pts EW (6places)Fifty Ball 80/1 0.5pts EW (6places) Total Point Outlay 15ptsTotal Points After 3 `Days...

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