Author: Gary Saxby

Cheltenham Day 3 by @gazsax

13:30 Mighty Potter 11/10 2pts WIN14:10 The Changing Man 25/1 1pt EW (6places)14:50 NO BET15:30 Blazing Khal 3/1 2pts WIN16:10 So Scottish 4/1 2pts WIN16:50 Magical Zoe 14/1 1pt EW (4places)17:30 Stumptown 4/1 2pts WIN Total Outlay 12ptsCheltenham After Day Two...

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Cheltenham Day 2 by @gazsax

13:30 Impaire Et Passe 7/4 2pts WIN14:10 Gerri Colombe 11/8 3pts WIN (Cheltenham NAP)14:50 Captain Conby 8/1 1pt EW (7places)15:30 No Bet16:10 No Bet16:50 Global Citizen 18/1 1pt EW (6places)17:30 Favour And Fortune 33/1 1pt EW (5places) Day Points Outlay = 11ptsOverall Points Difference...

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Cheltenham Day 1 by @gazsax

13:30 Il Etait Temps 9/2 1pt EW (4places)14:10 El Fabiolo 13/8 2pts WIN14:50 Monbeg Genius 10/1 1pt WIN / The Big Breakaway 18/1 1pt WIN15:30 No Bet16:10 Brandy Love 11/2 1pt EW (3places)16:50 Tekao 9/2 2pts WIN / Samuel Spade 20/1 1pts EW (6places)17:30 Gaillard Du Mesnil EVENS 2pts WIN Outlay Total =...

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