Hi all,

As some of you may have seen  I have started running a few syndicate bets on @ColossusBets. The word syndicate is a strange one, in my opinion there can be a degree of scepticism attached to it as I have seen people on twitter set these up and then swiftly disappear with the cash. This is all run within Colossus Bets so I will never have hold of the “cash”.

Colossus run a number of “pools” throughout the week with varying jackpots for each. These can range from a few thousand to millions. The beauty of the syndicate is that we, as a group, will have a shot at these large jackpots for a small entry fee. Think of it in terms of buying lottery tickets with some friends and sharing any winnings. An example of a pool would be the “Pick 8” which I ran earlier today. There are 8 games selected for which we need to pick 1 x 2 result, that is home win / draw / away win. Perms will come into play here to give us a better shot at landing the prize. Each “ticket” represents one of the possible win lines from our selections, the more tickets we have the better the chance of winning.

During the midweek the majority of the pools have smaller jackpots and then we have the multi-million pound prizes over the weekend.

They have be kind enough to also offer a sign up promo where they will match you first 72 hours worth of bets up to £100. Use the code “TwoPoundPunt” when registering. The only term is that the refunded money must be bet once before being withdrawn and there is no time scale to complete this.

TPP Colossus


Once registered, click on the Syndicate tab and you should find an option to follow me (if there are currentyly open pools), no prizes for guessing the username “TwoPoundPunt”. I will also tweet out the details when I have set up a new ticket.

I hope that clears it up for some of you and if not feel free to ask me any questions, the lads that run the Colossus twitter handle are also very helpful if you need more info. These should be good low stakes fun and it’s always fun to be in it together.

You can find more info on the Colossus site here




Hall of fame (the bigger wins so far)

TPP_last-week TPP Pick3 5k winner