I think it’s about time I did an updated post for all things Colossus with the launch of their Racing Pools on the horizon along with the World Cup.
I’ll start with a quick breakdown of the concept of the pools and syndicates. There are various pools that you can take part in by yourself or as part of a bigger syndicate – these are the tickets you would see me tweeting about.

Each pool will have a Guaranteed jackpot regardless of the total amount of players entered. There are consolation prizes on offer and there is the the option to cash out all or part on a game by game basis – if joining a syndicate it will be the Captain that has control over this.

To qualify for the full jackpot you would need to play £2 per line which is why, for the bigger pools especially I feel the syndicates offer the best chance of success. There is the option to play cheaper lines but bear in mind the jackpot will adjust accordingly. You should remember that what ever % of the initial ticket you have is the % of any total winnings you would be in line to receive. A basic example would be this – You contribute £10 into a syndicate with a total value of £100. You therefore own 10%. If the syndicate goes on to win a jackpot of £100,000 you would receive 10% , your initial £10 would return you £10,000.

You can find far more info on their help pages so I wont babble on much more about it but always happy to answer any questions you have via social.



Going forward I am looking to set up a Captains Club. Here I would be on hand to offer help and advice as and when it is needed. This service would be run on Telegram (messaging app) and open to those that sign up with my code. Doing this would entitle us to both to a freeplay and I would get a small kickback from it. I should make it clear this is not based on losses or wins so there really is no ulterior motives. I feel the help I can offer new captains would be a great benefit so it really it is a “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” scenario. I know some may not agree but again, I am very open and happy to answer any questions around this. There are also benefits for yourself running pools as a captain, again this info is readily available on the Colossus site.


I know many people that bet in groups of friends so setting yourself up as a captain and running pools for you and yours on here is a nice, clean and automated way of doing things. No one person will handle the funds and payments to each person are controlled by Colossus and paid in to their own individual accounts. If you are interested in joining the “club” sign up using the code “TPPFRIENDS” and once confirmed with Colossus I will be in touch and add you to the Telegram channel. With the World Cup around the corner and the introduction of the racing pools now really is a great time to get involved, find your feet and get ready to hopefully land some monster jackpots!



Signing up via the above would also qualify you for the new customer offer. That is, Colossus will match your first 72 hours worth of play up to £100, there is a 1 x bet through on this and no time scale to get it done by. You will not find anything from a standard bookmaker that competes with this in terms of the bet through amount and amount offered.

There will be £50million worth of World Cup pools run throughout the summer along side the weekly £1,000,000+ racing pools each week (starting July 13th) and then of course we would move into the start of the league season. They also offer pools on the NFL, NBA and Tennis so there is a lot to choose from.

Get yourself signed up, recruit your friends and let’s get ready for a winning summer!