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The streak continues (just!). Last night we were unlucky to get joined right on the line with the 5/1 Nb before the NAP ran his heart out to land the 3rd place (advised 8/1 EW 3 places) so still a decent days profit… But today we are going for more. RPGTV plays host to Romfords Friday night card. Romfords a tough place to pick at the best of times, and tonight is no different – but hopefully I have a couple of angles which will see us land a nice touch!
7.33 Sidarian Blu Ray – Trap 1 (5/1)
Followers of the tips may remember me putting up Serenity Spice earlier in the week at Romford. After a strong 2 bend trial, he banged out and maintained the pace to land the 575m Maiden trophy – and this looks like a similar path has been plotted for Blu Ray. This bang railer did a 13.87 2 bend trial last week (same night spice did 13.86) which is fantastic early pace. Despite Blu Rays tendency to miss the break a step, this early pace should see him lead tonight. T2 has “Rails to Middle” comments accross its formbook and should give the NAP a bit of room early. This dog has won over 660m at Sheffield in Open Races so if leading early, stamina will be no issue.
Im expecting strong competition for the lead with 3,4 & 5 having bags of early which may cause trouble. However none of them rate as higher danger as Trap 6. This bitch is flying, completing her hat trick last week over track and trip by almost 6 lengths (beating T4) and she must rate the biggest threat. If she gets on the bunny ahead of the selection – she will be very hard to peg back and 5/1 represents fantastic value!
1 Point Sidarian Blu Ray – T1 (5/1 Ladbrokes and Coral)
0.5 Points Reverse FC (1/6)
I was torn between two for Next Bests but when pricing them up, they’re not likely to be ‘punter friendly’ prices so decided to put them in a double.
8.53 – Serenity Spice. First leg (8.53), im going with our selection from last week Serenity Spice. There is a MASSIVE danger that if T5 (Quantam Leap) gets loose with us early we may be outstayed but the makeup of the race looks to give Spice a clear path round on the rails and im expecting plenty of trouble for those in the middle. Spice will improve for last weeks run and that may be required here to take this but we still have to stick with him!
9.08 – Mairheads Ivy. The £1000 Prize will hopefully go to the 8 bend specialist from Crayford – Mairheads Ivy. We will want her on the bunny early and T2 (Aayamza Breeze) to show her traditional slow start. We will be looking to make all here and have enough crowding in behind that the strong staying Trap 2 doesnt get a clear enough run through to pick us up. Ivy is on a hattrick in OR class to further enhance her 50% Strike rate in top class at Romford.
1 Point Double
8.53 Serenity Spice – T1 
9.08 Mairheads Ivy – T1 
Best Prices with 365, Hills and Skybet at around 5/1
8.53 0.5 Points Reverse FC (1/5)
9.09 0.5 Points Reverse FC (1/2)
Shaun Griffin