Return of the ever popular HR comps sponsored by @BetVictor , each comp will have a £25 freebet as the prize and there will generally be two comps each week. There aren’t many conditions to enter, infact all you need to do is tweet me and @betvic your guess and BV username (the reason for requesting usernmames is to prevent mutliple fake accounts from spamming the comp)


I never ask for signups but any that are done through my BetVictor link will help to add to the prize pool and keep the competition running, so thanks in advance if you do / have signed up.


All results will be taken from


****  When entering make sure you use the correct # , include myself and @betvictor along with your guess and BV username

e.g. @TwoPoundPunt @Betvictor PLAYER /  USERNAME & #  ****



#HRSat WBA vs Arsenal (Saturday 12.45pm ko)

#HRSun Roma vs Inter (Sunday 7.45pm ko)


Entries without usernames will no longer be considered for the draw


Guys please be sure to RT about the comp, this really helps to keep the comps going  🙂