As the fantasy NFL playoff league ends this weekend it’s time to get another competition on the go. This is race to 10 type game, winner takes all.

You need to pick 10 players from the premier league all to score. However, you can only have one player from each team and you must meet the following conditions:

  • 2 x defenders
  • 4 x midfielders
  • 4 x forwards

If you are unsure as to where a player fits in to those brackets check on as I will use that for the player positions.

The aim is to have your ten players score first. In the event of a tie if the final players are different then whoever scored first will be deemed the winner. If people are waiting on the same player it will go to a count back, whoever had 9 players to score first etc until we have a winner. If identical teams the prize will be split. (I think that covers all scenarios!)

Please send your £10 to my paypal “” and include your twitter handle or name if you don’t have an account. Send me your selections by email , DM on twitter or whatsapp.

The game will start this weekend so I need all entries in by 12pm tomorrow at the latest. I will also put everything into an open google doc so you can keep track of the results.

Share this with anyone you think may want to take part and hopefully we can get a decent prize pool!

Any other questions just ask.