Hi all!

Seems to be plenty of interest for a game on Friday so I will go ahead and get this set up. I have hosted a few of these before and they are a good craic and a good chance to meet a few like minded people.

It will be hosted on PokerStars (home games tab). The format will be $5 buy in, with a chance for 2 x $5 rebuys per player. Blinds will be fast and the payout will be determined but the amount of players taking part.


In preparation for this, you will need to do the following:

Open the main poker lobby, then click on the Home Games tab

Click the ‘Join a Poker Club’ button and enter my Club ID number: 2072013

Enter my Invitation Code: maryjane

Once you have applied to join the club I will accept from my end and that’s it until Friday!  


Spread the word to anyone you may think would be interested and see if we can make a good go at this!


Results & Upcoming games

02/06/17 $5 rebuy – 1st Mgblodge  2nd TPP  3rd Ryewhitt

02/06/17 Turbo – 1st Ornivas  2nd Dee_lfc   3rd Mrddd81

10/06/17 $5 rebuy – 1st TPP  2nd Gary Doc  3rd Lawsxn

10/06/17 Bounty turbo – 1st Cdtyk  2nd Mgblodge  3rd missmeo

18/06/17 $5 rebuy – 8.05pm start


Next Game : Sunday 3rd December 8pm Start – 10 min late period and possible 2nd game tbc  (if you have not applied to join the club – details above – please do so asap, I will be accepting all new applicants from today and remember this can only be done through the desktop / laptop app.