You nosey parker!! haha I’m joking of course. I thought I may as well give you a bit about myself and general ideas. First thing is first the site and all information is and always be free so please use it to your advantage as that is why it is there.

I am by no means a pro ( I work Mon-Fri and could never advise full-time gambling) but started to share my bets online. The @twopoundpunt account grew and grew and I am really proud of what it has become and the people that are involved. I love the chats and talking with so many different people and I do try to respond to as many of you as I can.

It is clear to see how slim football odds can be so I do take risks but they are calculated and not plucked from thin air. I really enjoy the further afield leagues, I am sure you can even rattle a few of the teams off without much thought and that makes me smile! For those that aren’t aware of my betting style, expect to come across some teams you’ve never heard of in places you didn’t know existed as well as some big accas, correct scores and my favourite which has to be a L15. These will feature more when the main seasons kick in.

So that’s pretty much all I can think of right now but you know where to find me!