Hi all,
Thanks for taking an interest in racing syndicate. It has been a good success so far which has in turn led to many asking if they can still get involved resulting in the following:
I have spoken extensively to Stu at From The Front Racing, we both agree that the racing club can be just the tip of the iceberg of something big.
There are a few options but one in particular I really like the idea of and stemming from a few queries about prize money being paid it should simplify things a great deal. This would be to look at creating a further optional group alongside TPP racing club. I would be looking at taking approximately 25 guys in to each group who would join me in taking a physical 1% ownership each of the horse. Similarly to the current syndicate there would be a one off initial payment to join the group and additional monthly training fees. You will of course get all the usual owners perks with this.
We are looking at these for rough figures –
1% one off purchase of your horse at £160
1% monthly training fee of £30/35 per month.
This would give us scope to buy a 25% share of a horse up to the value of £16,000, with all inclusive training fees quote from above. FTFR are looking at expanding down south to Archie Watson or George Scott who are based at Lambourn and Newmarket, this would give us a great opportunity to get involved with them. This would involved going to the sales again which I highly recommend attending if we go ahead.
There are also a couple of alternatives to take up a 5% share in either Kirbec or Epona.
During the Keith Dalgleish stable visit I attended there was a lot of talk from members about buying an additional share of Kirbec, Keith spoke very highly of her and From The Front Racing think she is a well handicapped horse with scope for a couple of wins and real potential to sell at a profit. Sharing the cost of the buy in between a few of us puts us in a really strong position without committing a lot more money every month. Personally I am interested in taking a 5% share of Kirbec for myself, if there were 5 of you guys wanting 1% each the cost of your share would be £160 to buy it and £30 per month training fees.
The figures for a 5% share in Epona, again between 5 people would be £220 per share and £32.50 a month training fees.
Obviously there is a bit to mull over here but if you are interested please do let me know asap as I do not think this will take too long to fill.