A poor week last week I wasn’t massively confident in the two bigger priced underdogs but I thought to two KO/TKO bets were solid. On to this week we have only of the best UFC cards in along time, the best year UFC217 is stacked and has something for everyone, I enjoy a low to mid level HW fight and there is a couple of these for me. Plus you have 3 title fights Masvidal V Wonder boy, Vick Duffy the list goes on and on. At time of writing there are 12 fights and I’m genuinely excited/intrigued by all 12. OSP and Cory Anderson were both In headline fights LTO they are the second fight on the card OSP won his fight as well. On to the bets it’s very likely that I will have more bets later in the week as they have only priced up 5 fights out of the 12. For the moment I have 3 bets.

Tipped on twitter 29/10 price is still available

Bisping V GSP

GSP has been out of the octogon for so long, ring rust will play a part of this fight especially in the first round or two. Both guys have fairly solid chins and neither have life changing power so on that front I think it will go to decision. Once I have established this and the fact that Bisping could get the first two rounds easily then would only need 1 further round out of the final three.  He pushes a high pace and fights over 5 rounds strong. He will be the bigger man as GSP is stepping up in weight. Bisping throws alot of volume punches they aren’t going to knock out GSP but they will count on the scorecards. The final thing that I looked at as I was slightly worried at first is Bisping’s TDD this used to be a problem for him but he has done alot of training in America and his TDD has improved massively so should be able to stop at least 75% of GSP attempts. so we have a fight that I think will

 see the final bell and will mainly play out on the feet. These styles of fights suit Bisping.

Michael Bisping to win via decision 4.3 1/2U

TJ Dillashaw v Cody Garbrandt

This will be a very entertaining fast paced chess match. These are two guys who really do dislike each other, especially after the season on TUF when they were opposition coaches. Their rivalry started when TJ left the gym when they were both training. These two have been looking at each other for a long time now they started on TUF knowing they were going to fight, so by no I recon that they might have looked into the other fighter to much. This would lead to hesitation especially in the first mabye first two rounds. I think this will be a fight that goes to decision. I couldn’t say that either will have a massive wrestling advantage I think both are good offensively and defensively. Cody had a perfect game plan to win the belt and he stuck to it. Will he let the emotion get the better of him here I don’t think so but this is a very emotionally charged match up, you could ask the same about TJ but I think both fighters will have game plans that they will try and stick to and fight in a level headed manor. So it will be the better more skillful more technical more powerful fighter who will have the belt at the end of the night. I think TJ will have the more volume and power to win, he broke Linkers jaw recently that takes serious power to do that. While both are great technical strikers this will be a close fight where I favour one side and the side I favour is the underdog this represents value I would have TJ as favourite.

TJ Dillashaw to beat Cody Garbrandt 2.55 2U

Jorge Masvidal v Stephen ‘Wonder boy’ Thompson

For me this is a fairly simple breakdown, this will be a standing battle where both guys have different skill sets and levels. WB will be able to dictate the range of this fight due to his Karate style, he will be in and out of range when he wants to be, his kicks will help him with this as it will slow down/stop Masvidal and his forward pressure. Plus WB spends the majority of his time in striking range as a southpaw witch should lead to the left body kick being open and very efficient, it will also serve as a deterrent to Masvidal’s forward pressure. Masvidal has been out struck in the UFC before and WB is the best striker he has fought so I think this will be a easy 30-27 for WB could even be a late stoppage, Masvidal is tough so probably a decision either way should be a easy win for WB.

Stephen ‘Wonder boy’ Thompson to beat Jorge Masvidal 1.67 3U

Tipped 12.30