Coming off last week where I didn’t have a bet as I didn’t have time to put in the proper research, we have two UFC cards this weekend. I’m putting up this first bet early as this price won’t stay.


Tecia Torres to beat Michelle Waterson 1.73 2.2U TW 1.6U


Quick write up, these two fighters are at very different levels, I think this is value all the way down to about 1.4. Watterson is the price she is beacuse the UFC are pushing her and more of the casuals have heard of her due to her doing media work for the UFC. I think this will be a easy dominant win for Torres I’ll do a more in depth breakdown and post other bets later in the week.

Posted 27/11/2017 19.25

Further breakdown for the Torres bet

Is a very well rounded fighter who’s only loss on her pro record is against the current champ in a fight you could argue Torres won that fight. Torres is the far better grappler and better ground game stronger fighter. MW is a atomweight this should be a nice easy win the only way that MW has any success is to pick and move at range fight with her Karate style. If MW does this she might be able to win the first mabye but won’t win the second or third if it gets their I think that Torres will push through the kicks coming her way and get in close make this fight a hard fight with takedowns and clinch work.

Felice Herrig to beat Cortney Casey 1.7 1U TW 0.7U

For me I think this will be a wrestling and grappling clinic. Casey I the taller fighter and will have the longer reach and is a volume puncher she doesn’t pack much of a punch and doesn’t put everything in to her strikes either. Felice has a good ground game as she has shown especially in her last fight where she made someone shit themselves. Herrig is very fast on the ground and I like her work in this area she will make little moves that make you think she is setting you up, which she is but not for what you think so if you defend it leaves opening for what she really wanted to do. This should be a easy win the only thing which could allow Casey to get a win would be if she can stuff the takedowns and keep it at range. I don’t think this happens and even if it did Felice would push a pace that might break Casey

Henry Cejudo to beat Sergio Pettis & Brett Johns to beat Joe Soto 2.14 1U TW 1.14U

 For me both of these should have easy nights. Cejudo is the far better wrestler, had the more power the crisper boxing. I think he will be able to hit Pettis with a big shot and put him away of win a clear decision. Pettis has questionable chin and TDD two things that Henry will exploit.

Johns is the better wrestler and grappler Brett has the best wrestling of any one who grew up in Wales. Soto will try and keep this standing I’m don’t think he will be able to but even if he does his striking defense leaves alot to be desired not that Johns has one punch KO power but he should has enough that if he lands clean can sting Soto and then get it to the mat.

Good luck