Quick post from me with some small stake bets for added intrest this weekend

Bet 1 both to score

Singletary and Harris (BILLS V PATS)

Chase and Renfrow (BENGALS V RAIDERS)

Cooper and Samuel (COWBOYS V 49ERS)

Taken at skybet small trixie 118/1

Bet 2 field goal and td each team each half

49ers v Cowboys

Rams v Cardinals

Bengals v Raiders

Very small stake trixie taken at betfair 1859/1

Bet 3 player lines

Murray over 38.5 rush yard (cardinals)

Renfrow over 55.5 recieving yards (raiders)

Harris over 60.5 rush yards (pats)

Elliot over 16.5 recieving yards (cowboys)

Evans over 56.5 recieving yards (bucs)

Taken using acca edge at betfair 16/1

Bet 4 anytime acca 1 from each game

Connor (cards)

Evans (bucs)

Mitchell (49ers)

Williams (chiefs)

Harris (pats)

Jacobs (raiders)

Used acca edge at betfair 80/1

Not checked prices anywhere else maybe worth a look

Good luck whatever your on